Artist Residency Opportunity

Since 2009, when we opened the studio, we have had international exchanges with two different studios. The first couple of years with Graphic Studio Dublin and since 2014 we run an exchange programme with Grafikwerkstatt Dresden.

As an artist, skilled in letterpress and/or intaglio printmaking (dry methods) it is also possible to apply for a working period in GG/WW-studio. We don't provide any technical support - only a reasonable introduction in the studio - so you have to be able to work independently with the equipment we have. Read more about our equipment below! We also have a guest appartment to let, next to the studio space in the old warehouse. Membership for a year, to support the studio, is 10 euro. And you also pay 30 euro a week for basic materials in the studio.

The artists Lina Nordenström and Lars Nyberg have since about 20 years collaborated with Galleri Astley, situated in the small village Uttersberg in the middle of Sweden ( The gallery is housed in the old train station since more than 30 years and next to the station building there is a big brick building with museum and café, also runned by Galleri Astley. Next to the brick building there is an old wood warehouse - 100 beautiful square meters, now turned into a print studio.

In 2009 Lars and Lina bought a house in the village and started to set up this new print studio, with great support from the gallery, old friends, other artists and people in the village. When the project was initiated the building had no electricity, no water or proper insulation - it's a miracle that everything is now set! It has been an exciting adventure. The studio is now registered as a non profit organisation, and thanks to the generosity of Gallery Astley we pay no rent for the warehouse. 

No money, big plans and many friends
The first step was to arrange a fundraising exhibition for the workshop and we got a huge response from over 80 artists. That exhibition and many other events gave us money to start with. Very important is that so many people in the village, around Galleri Astley and us, voluntary helped us a lot with building, transport, ideas, practical things. We worked days and nights during 4 months and could open a good print studio in October 10, 2009.

County Council of Västmanland supported us with ear marked money for redeveloping old buildings. In December 2010 we opened the small guest apartment in the south part of the warehouse and the first artist to stay there during one month that extremely cold winter was Maev Lenaghan from Galway.
Our income is zero except if we sell some of the donated works or arrange new fundraising events. All works we do is voluntary, unpaid. Normally we have no money to support visiting artists with materials, travels and things like that, but together with Linda Wallenberg, a central art administrator for County Västmanland, we applied and got some support from the County Council for an exchange program.
To work in GG workshop
Artists in this exchange programme must be able to work independently in the workshop and they must have a professional skill in the techniques they want to work with. During the period we can only offer a limited time for technical support, but of course we will introduce the artist in the studio.
If there is interest Lina are happy to show you how to work with led- and wood types and how to use the letterpress. Lars gives support and assists with everything that has to do with drypoint and printing.
Workshop equipment
Some of the equipment we brought from studios we have been working in earlier, in Stockholm and on Gotland, but thanks to good contacts we also got some donations and some equipment on a permanent loan from other studios in Sweden.
Lina works a lot with “Artists Books“ and has built up an excellent workshop with a big and rich selection of wood- and led types. There is two letterpresses, one Stanhope press, built before 1850, bed size 50 x 63 cm and one korrex press (width 50 cm) – used for proofing texts in newspapers and books during those days when all text was printed with led types. There is an electric ink rolling system but you print by turning a handle. Size 50 x 70 cm. There are also two smaller proofing presses for led types (or woodcut).


We have three etching presses, two very solid and excellent: a swedish Västerviktspress, printing bed size 50 x 100 cm, and a big german Krause, printing bed size 90 x 145 cm. We have also a Swedish etching press, size  70 x 130 cm, a so called Domeij Press. On this you can easily lift the roller and print woodcut, linoleum, big collograph etc. 
There is a ventilation box with adjustable fan, but normally we do not work with acid. We use the ventilation box for all cleaning with white spirit and other solvents.

In the workshop you can find paper as Somerset, Fabriano and Hanemühle, copperplates and plastic for drypoint, linoplates and MDF-board. We have also stuff for collographs and carborundum. There is black ink as stiff black from Graphical Chemicals and black from Charbonell. A selection of drypoints, scrapers, burnisher, rockers, roulettes and knifes for linocut is for loan.

Artists can bring their own ink or order that in Sweden from If you need some special papers you can order that from the same shop in Stockholm. You can also find a good selection of ink, papers, tools at - also in Stockholm – but first of all - tell us what you need and we can help you.
Guest apartment
There is a guest room in the same building, entrance through the workshop. One room, kitchen and shower – compact living. The room is about 10 square meters and 3,50 meters up to the ceiling. Tere is one bed 120x200 cm and an extra transportable bed 75x200 cm. Sheets, blankets and towels available. There is a working table, chairs, drawers for prints and papers 65x95 cm and plenty of wall space.
There is also a book shelf with books in English.

the bed

The kitchen (about 7 square meters) has two hotplates, fridge, zink, microwave, plates and other  kitchen equipments for 4 persons. Next to it there is a toilet with shower. Kitchen and toilet can also always be used by visitors and other artists working in the studio.
In Linas and Lars’ house 2 min walk from the workshop you are welcome to use the washing machine, whenever you need to.

Privacy in Guest Apartment and Workshop
During the summer there are a lot of visitors to Galleri Astley. Many of them are interested of prints and GG´s workshop and maybe wants to pop in to have a look in the studio. If you sometimes need to work alone you can just lock the workshop door. Sometimes we arrange print demonstrations for visiting groups. You will be notified as far in advance as possible.
The small village Uttersberg
As we told you earlier, Uttersberg is a small remote village at the border of the big forest. About 50 persons are living here permanently (more during the summer). Skinnskatteberg 10 km north of here is the closest “bigger” village with 2 small supermarkets, pharmacy, off licence, library, nurse, doctor, protestant church and maybe a bar. There are 8 daily return buses to that village and 5-10 min walk from Uttersberg to the bus stop and visiting artists are always welcome to hitchhike with us or the Nyhlén family.
Galleri Astley Café is always open 11a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekends.
If you want to go to Stockholm there are good connections with train and bus 6-8 times a day, 2 hours and 20 minutes journey. You can for example take a morning bus and train, arrive Stockholm at 08.00 and go back with evening train at 20.00. To drive Uttersberg-Stockholm takes about 2 hours.
How to get to Uttersberg
Closest airports are Arlanda ARN (north of Stockholm), Västerås VST (west of Stockholm) and Skavsta NYO (south of Stockholm).
There are good public transports from all airports.

Contact information
GG  - Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet
Uttersberg,  739 92 Skinnskatteberg, Sweden
Lina Nordenström,             Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.       phone + 46 (0) 73 564 11 67
Lars Nyberg,                      Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.        phone + 46 (0) 76 089 00 17